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Whether a relative passed away or you evicted your tenants, there’s a good chance you’ll have a mess on your hands when it’s time to clean up. If you’re dealing with a house full of junk, call Crunch Time Junk Removal, LLC. Our team offers fast home and office cleanout services in Lansing, IL, Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL.

Cleaning out the basement, office or garage doesn’t have to be stressful. Schedule your home or office cleanout services today.

Is Your Home Overloaded With Junk?

If the clutter in your home has gotten out of control, call (708) 829-9468 for house cleanout services. Trust our team to:

  • Clear crawl spaces, closets, cabinets, drawers, and rooms of unwanted items
  • Organize items for donation, recycling, and trash, then bag and box the rest
  • Load the packed items onto the truck and sweep the empty rooms

Don’t find your home appearing in the next episode of Hoarders – get same-day home cleanout services from Crunch Time Junk Removal. We serve Lansing, IL, Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL.

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